Cars Before The 20th Century!

These steps are the timelines of cars from 1700s to 1899. These steps are list in orders that is easy for which date is the firsst car invetion

  1. The very first powered car in 1770-1771
  2. In 1770-1771, Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot designed a very first powered car by steam engines. Cugnot's steam car was used for war,but fail due to the issues and complex design. Cugnot's steam car was still practical although it powers by itself. The steam car contain boiling tank on the front of the car which makes steam to power the engine. The setam then go through two cylinder that looks like internal combustion, but no electric shock like our cars today. Then two cylinders powered by steam making the steam power the front wheel. The driver have two handle bar near him to steer the car and a stick that control the steam known as controlling the speed. Cugnot's car was not known as the first car production, but the invention is the first car that would later support the first car production in late 1800s.The sketch you see below is the actual drawing of Cugnot steam car.

  3. Issac de Rivaz first car to use the very first internal combustion engine
  4. In 1804, Issac de Rivaz develop the very first car to use internal combustion engine that is the main source of horsepower for our cars today. Also include brakes annd better steering for the car. In fact De Rivaz car was the very first car to use hydrogen that was very eco-friendly car for us since we have pollution today. De Rivaz's modification help shape our car designs later that could turn into our vvery first production that I will discuss coming up next on the third step.

  5. The very first car to use gas and very first car to go on production
  6. In 1880s, Karl Benz design his very first car known as "Benz Patent-Motorwagen". His car was the very first car to run on gas and the very first modern engine and internal combustion engine. Benz's car was popular that it became the very first car to go on production. His car will be known as very first modern car. People buy his car so that they can make transportatin better, improve road condition, and even can replace horse that sometimes out of control. Since his car use gas, people would set up the very first gas station for people who used Benz's car. Benz's car help shaped the modification of modern car and Benz had created the first worldwide car company that continues today known as "Mercedes-Benz".

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